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Universal Reference point in time

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    Can we create a Universal Reference point in time, where I'm defining this as a point in time and space. Imagine an arbitrary reference point, for the sake of illustration lets say Grenich, UK in the Time museum in a display case, on a piece of paper, a single micro dot of ink is marked and Universally noted as THE reference point for humankind. Below the micro dot would be a timestamp reading: 'Uniton'12:00.00000000000000000001 A.M. Grenich Standard Time January 1, 2009. Birthplace of the Universeal Reference point. In small print there would be the coordinates of every heavenly body astonomers have ever catalogued ranging from the Sun to Mars, to Andromeda, to Messier16, to the most distant Abell quasars. These coordinates would be the exact measurement of each heavenly body relative to the microdot at the time precise timestamp time. We would be as accurate as our best measurements at the time. Now we would use all our best astronomical data to predict how that microdot in Grenich, representing planet Earth, would move relative to the gravity of the sun, moon, and even further out heavenly bodies like Venus, the Kuiper belt, Andromeda, etc. Along with the rotation of the Earth, this data would allow us to calculate the Uniton's location in space and time, since we can reverse engineer it by accounting for the gravitational and other effects exuded on the Earth by the Heavenly bodies. This truly would be a Universal Reference point. Earth inertial. Uniton. We would try to keep the Uniton as accurate as possible. Anytime astronomers pinned down the size of Andromeda more accurately, or refined their knowledge of Haley Comet's orbit and how close it will pass us on Earth, we would take note of these datae, knowing full well that even minute gravitational effects would add up to effect the accuracy of the Uniton's position in space AND time.

    So in 2015 when someone asks where you are, you can look at your wrist watch with your Uniton time on it and a very accurate GPS and it might read something like: 538,008.032859238587 miles, 1Y 1D 14H 12Minutes 37.0834572834s The larger effects on your distance from the Uniton would be the pull of Andromeda on our Milky way and perhaps the Solar system's orbit around the Milky Way, its interesting An especially fancy watch might even have a holographic 3D cube screen extending upwards from its face and in that cube could be a 3D arrow pointing you in the direction of the Uniton. A gyroscope in the watch would ensure the arrow is always pointing in the correct direction. Then as the seasons pass you would notice changes in the arrow's direction as the sun orbitting the Sun and even slower scale effects like the Solar system orbitting the Milky Way would change the direction of the arrow.

    Would the Uniton be usefull for experiments dealing with Relativity?
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    First, the town (it's really part of London) is spelled "Greenwich", although this being England, it is commonly pronounced as if it were "Grenich". Second, if two people were to set their watches by the "Uniton" and then go their separate ways, the next time the met, they would find their watches no longer gave the same "Uniton" values, because they had experieinced different accelerations, different gravitational fields, etc. so the "Uniton" would be as valuable as you would like it to be.
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    Correct. And these watches using GPS could measure your movements relative to the uniton.
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