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Intro Physics University physics with modern physics

  1. Jan 21, 2015 #1
    Ok, currently im studying a book called University physics with modern physics. I am only studying classical mechanics at the time. My question is, the modern portion part of it, is it about the same material taught in introductory modern physics class(state university) or do i have to get a separate book just on modern physics?

    The reason im asking this is because i am allowed to skip classes by testing out of them. So, i want to test out of modern physics and i was wondering if the modern physics portion of this book is enough?

    Thanks :)
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    I think there's enough variation between intro modern physics courses at different schools that you had best talk to whoever teaches that course at your school, especially if he's the one who will write the test that you would have to take. :oldwink:
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    I think that's Giancoli, from the title.

    The "Modern Physics" section includes what you'd find in the first few chapters of a Modern Physics book: special relativity and a bit of quantum and atomic stuff. It also has a few optics-related chapters towards the end, depending on your school that may fall into modern physics or University Physics 2.
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