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Homework Help: Urgent help with Questions regarding Gen. Physics

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    Okay i know that
    L = Iw and L = r x p
    I can use equation of motion to find W.and I=wrp2
    but how will that get me to the answer? i have tried everything and the answer i get everytime is 12 or 18.. Both of them are not one of the choices. I have a test tonight and have to go to work right before the test so if anyone of you can please help me.
    I would really appreciate it.

    Another question i needed help with is

    So what i thaught on this question was to take the earth's mass and diameter to be 1
    so the mass of venus would be

    is this the correct aproach? i got the right answer at the end and just want to know if i was doing it right?
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    Are you sure that's VENUS? The numbers look suspiciously like the relative mass and diameter of MERCURY to me. Could be just a typical textbook typo. Just an observation, has no bearing on the info Astronuc already provided to solve the problem at hand.
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