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Usa Und grad admissn without sat?

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    Is it possible to get undergraduate admission in usa without sat? Mejor Physics. I can try to get good TOFEL score thats not the problem.But SAT?
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    At some schools, this might be possible. But each school decides its own policy about admitting students in general, including international students, so you have to check their Web sites or ask their admissions office. I think it is likely that if a school requires the SAT or ACT for students from the USA, they will also require it for international students. The school where I teach does require either the SAT or ACT, for everybody.
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    I've only heard of one school in the US that doesn't require either an SAT or ACT, and they only waive the requirement for a very limited group of applicants with top-notch high school scores that they think is a better indicator than an SAT of their potential. I don't think any school would waive the requirement for a foreign applicant, simply because there is no other way to determine if your educational background will be comparable to that of students applying from within the US without a standardized test for comparison. So, you will need both an SAT (or ACT) and TOEFL for admission.
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    Some schools waive the TOEFL requirement, if you get a good score on verbal section of SAT, or you have attended to highschool in US. I got my TOEFL waivered since I went to high school here. In my opinion, TOEFL is pointless if you have to take the SAT - everybody knows that the verbal section of SAT is 2948129489182491894 times harder than TOEFL.
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