Use 'Kinect' as a motion sensor's receiver

  1. halo everyone!
    I am curious how to use Kinect as a motion sensor's receiver?
    how to approach it?
    I did try to research about it but I can't found any information about it.

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    I haven't seen that word before. Do you have any links?
  4. Kinect (codenamed in development as Project Natal) is a line of motion sensing input devices by Microsoft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles and Windows PCs.
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    Will you please be specific:

    1. Exactly what motion sensor do you plan to receive?

    The more details you provide here, the better chance you have of receiving useful suggestions.

    The Kinect is a human body motion detector. For an overview of Kinect, see the Wikipedia entry:

    For a description of one Kinect function named “depth sensor” see this:

    “The 3D motion sensing camera used by Kinect is based upon what was originally known as the "ZCam" being developed by 3DV Systems. It is made up of a standard RGB color camera and a special infrared sensitive camera which is used to sense depth. When in use, the device emits pulses of infrared light into the room and senses the reflections created by objects or people in it which it can use to form a 3D map of the room. Kinect then uses some complex human detection algorithms to successfully determine people from background objects. This also allows the camera to work in pitch black darkness as well as in light. Thanks to these algorithms, the camera is able to detect even the smallest movements of a persons fingers and translate it into usable data for the Xbox 360.”
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    There's a Kinect API Microsoft provides. I haven't used it perfectly, but I've seen Kinect used for vision-based navigation for robots.

    I would start by downloading the SDK; IIRC there are a few example programs and codes provided:
    Kinect SDK

    There's also an open-source Kinect library, OpenKinect, but the last time I looked at it its documentation was sparse...and that's an understatement.
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  7. I just found, OpenKinect, also. that is very good source for coding of Kinect.
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