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Useful book to learn hydraulics and pneumatics

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    I'm looking for some books which can help me to learn about hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid mechanics. Can someone advise me a good one ?

    Thank you !
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    The bigger hydraulics manufacturers offer in-house training and their books are available, sometimes for free from the agents.
    To find a second hand book it is best to go through bookfinder.com which unites many bookseller search systems. When possible buy through the PF amazon link to donate a % of book price to PF.

    Parker Fluidpower have released a series of more than a dozen training books on Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
    Find them with bookfinder.com; author = 'Parker Hannefin', title = 'Bulletin'. Look for second hand copies of:
    Author: Parker Hannifin Corp. Title: Industrial Hydraulic Technology. Bulletin 0232-B1. ISBN 1557690251.
    Author: Parker Hannifin Corp. Title: Industrial Pneumatic Technology Bulletin 0275-B1. ISBN 1557690154

    Also try bookfinder.com Title: 'Industrial Hydraulics Manual', and you will get Vickers, Eaton and others.

    If you find .pdf copies of the Parker series of bulletins, or any other fluid training manuals, please post a link here.
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