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Using a wall wart to replace batteries

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    I have this dc heli called protocol. It charges from the remote which uses 6 aa batteries. So I got a 9 V wall wart. There's a couple problems with the wallwart when I used my analog multimeter to read the voltage it was reading 60 V. When I measured the batteries in the remote ball the remote was on I put positive to positive and -2 negative but the needle turned backward only when I switched around so that positive was on negative and negative was on positive did the needle move forward. Same thing when I turn the remote off everything was plugged into the proper place.

    So my questions are I just need this to charge the helicopter can I use a cell phone Walworten or would I have the same problem? Do I need to build a voltage regulator?
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    There is not a lot I can say, but are you sure that you didn't have the meter on reverse? Some meters have a switch making the leads effectively reversed. A wall wart that reads 60V sounds suspect. You did have it on the correct DC setting?

    Your 6 AA cells, are they NiCd? What are the cells in the helicopter?

    So the usual procedure is to charge the cells in the remote from a general purpose household charger, and then charge the helicopter from that remote?

    There may exist a RC hobby forum where you could garner specialist help. Though your subject line in Physics Forums is not as inviting of RC buffs as you could have made it. Perhaps ask a moderator to change the title to include remote control helicopter.
    Good luck!
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