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Using acknowledgements in your CV

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    Hi all,
    I need some advice. I worked for some time doing research with a professor during my undergrad. Recently this work was published in a number of articles. I was not listed as an author but was acknowledged in all of them.

    Now, considering I spent a lot of time working there and my work there is listed as experience in my CV, I wanted to include the fact that some publications came out of it.

    Is that typically done? I've heard that it might actually hurt me because it might seem strange that I didn't actually get author. The thing is, this particular professor is known for not being very fair in giving credit to students.

    Any advice?
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    I don't see why you couldn't have a list entitled "Academic Acknowledgements"' in your CV. As long as it's clear that you're not claiming to be an author on something you're not, I doubt there would be a problem.
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    Citing an acknowledgement at the end of a paper looks a bit desperate, in my opinion. Clearly, it would depend on the job in question but if somebody sent me a CV in which they were having to rely on acknowledgements as padding, I'd be inclined to throw it in the bin.

    Either you're listed as one of the authors or you're not.
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    You could get a letter of recommendation from the prof.
    If he points out that you had helped and that you have an aptitude for research, that would help a lot, lot more your CV saying that you've been acknowledged.
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