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Using Arduino as a Logic Switch

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    I want to supply some LED's and a motor from an outside source of electricity (i.e. a battery pack, wall outlet, batteries in series, etc.) and want to use the Arduino to be able to "switch" on and off these sources so that I am able to control long strands of LED's with the Arduino (for like a steam punk costume for example and stuff), how would I do that?

    Would I use a logic gate, if so, I'm pretty new to circuits, how would I use it? What amps, or voltage or what I am so confused :H

    Or is there something way easier like electric switches or something?
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    There's a website called www.adafruit.com that supplies these kinds of electronics parts included LED ribbons for clothing...

    You might not need an Arduino which would entail some programming work.
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    I like working with the Arduino though, and really want to use the Arduino as a logic gate as I still want some of the sensors through it to control a matrix I have hooked up to it. I am going to later get a raspberry pi but I want to see the potential that Arduino has, also I want to later use it to power things besides LED's like electric motors which will require juice coming from an outside source.

    Know what I mean?
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