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Using Best drone and Software to count wild animals

  1. Aug 4, 2017 #1
    I have a project and in that project I'll count the wild life animals from a drone.

    I need to find a drone that doesnt make much sound also (maximum 60-70 dB), it must capable of a flight time 30 min and also can carry a IR camera.
    I find a drone callled Phantom 4 (Advanced or Pro), I am not sure this is the best option for this project.But I searched some drones and this seems the best.There'll approximately 2.000 animal so I am not sure what should I count all of them.
    I ll use the IR cmaera in the white hot mode so, my idea is using a software program that can count these aniamls in this mode.

    I find a better one Inspire but I am not sure that it have a autonom mode (making waypointes and flying through them)
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    Do you want a helicopter drone or an airplane style drone? It seems the helicopter ones make a fair amount of noise enough to scare an animal unless it is flying high enough.

    Here's a pricey one that can fly for 85 minutes with 2 mile tether:


    There's probably something a lot cheaper with reduced flight times like this one:


    and I think the db levels will be low enough.
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    Are you counting elephants or squirrels? Are there trees? Do the animals naturally have camouflaged coats? Will you be writing the image processing software to do the counting?

    Sounds like a fun project. What are the drone flight rules in the area where you will be doing the counting?
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    Well, I am not sure about the drone flight rules, I ll count the groose, theres not much trees the terrain is open , but in IR camera it will be no problem I guess I am not sure though.
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    Well, in the US, drones are regulated by the FAA: https://www.faa.gov/uas/

    And AFAIK, drones are not allowed in most Federal, State and Local parks. Flying your drone over a private ranch at low altitude with written permission of the ranch owner may not be a problem, but check the FAA rules for allowed altitudes and other restrictions.
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    I am in Turkey so Ia m not sure about the rules,But We may use militaty drones, since theres some projestcs like that in the USA using Raven Drone, I am not sure heli drones are possible to calculate suvh things the coast of the area is 110 km and theres most likely 10000 groose
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