What is Drone: Definition and 52 Discussions

A drone strike is an air strike delivered by one or more unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) or weaponized commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Only the United States, Israel, China, Iran, Italy, India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, and Poland are known to have manufactured operational UCAVs as of 2019.Drone attacks can be conducted by commercial UCAVs dropping bombs, firing a missile, or crashing into a target. Since the turn of the century, most drone strikes have been carried out by the US military in such countries as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen using air-to-surface missiles, but drone warfare has increasingly been deployed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Drones strikes are used for targeted killings by several countries.In 2020 a Turkish-made UAV loaded with explosives detected and attacked Haftar's forces in Libya with its artificial intelligence without command, according to a report from the UN Security Council’s Panel of Experts on Libya, published in March 2021. It was considered the first attack carried out by the UAVs on their own initiative.

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  1. hello478

    Camera drone and speed of air below it

    my answer = F = 1.6*9.81 - 1.2*9.81 = 3.924 N -> resultant force of the drone moving (weight minus the upward force) M= 1.2kg , mass of drone a= 3.31 m/s^2 , acceleration of drone u=0 m/s , initial speed of drone t=1s , time v = 3.27 m/s, final speed of drone and its not even in the options... 😶
  2. Nick Nowaczyk

    I Wondering how much thrust a drone propeller generates

    I was wondering how fast you would need to spin a drone propeller to lift x amount of force and mostly how the rpm of the propeller affects the force of the airflow it releases. I’m incredibly new to physics in general and you can take everything I say with a grain of salt. I have no actual...
  3. Xamaa

    Calculate the total energy required to fly a drone on this flight plan

    How much energy will drone batteries will consume if I have the following inputs, By using provided GPS flight path data I've calculated total horizontal distance using Haversine formula, and multiplying this distance with provided horizantal speed I've total horizontal flying time. By...
  4. sbrothy

    First autonomous drone attack on humans (alleged by the UN)

    It may be old news but it still kinda sends a chill down my spine.During the "recent" 2020 war in Nargorno-Karabakh appearently the UN claims that an STM Kargu autonomous kamikaze drone loaded with explosives detected and attacked Haftar's forces in Libya with its artificial intelligence without...
  5. neilparker62

    B Cross section (?) of Great Pyramid from drone footage

    Following is a frame carefully chosen from this drone footage. At about 0:29 into the video the drone is directly in front of one of the four faces (if you know Cairo, you will know which one) and moving from left to right. At that point I have paused and 'frame-stepped' till the moment before...
  6. BWV

    Sailing drone video from inside cat 4 hurricane

    https://www.saildrone.com/press-release/ocean-drone-captures-video-inside-category-4-hurricane The Saildrone Explorer SD 1045 was directed into the midst of Hurricane Sam, which is currently on a path that fortunately will miss the US East Coast. SD 1045 is battling 50-foot waves and winds of...
  7. berkeman

    MQ-25 T1 Mid-Air Refueling Drone -- First Flight

    This is really cool, IMO. They now can use drones launched off of aircraft carriers to do mid-air refueling of aircraft. The video shows a land-based launch and recovery of the drone, although it looks like the landing was arrested by a regular aircraft carrier cable...
  8. A

    Engineering Are There Any Books on Selecting Components for Building a Multi-Rotor Drone?

    I am looking for any information on how to build my first drone. I spent 7 days gathering information, selected components I though would work together, but after that I was criticised by people who said that those components would not match. Here is my post from reddit for example. I...
  9. Astronuc

    Aevum Ravn X, a fully autonomous orbital rocket launching drone

    https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/03/space-startup-aevum-debuts-worlds-first-fully-autonomous-orbital-rocket-launching-drone/ The Ravn X launch vehicle is 80 feet long and has a 60-foot wingspan, with a total max weight of 55,000 lbs including payload. Seventy percent of the system is fully...
  10. M

    Exploring Moment of Inertia & Angular Acceleration for Drone Propellers

    Hi, I am building a drone for a school project and I am also looking into how it flies. Recently I have been looking into angular momentum, torque, moment of inertia and angular acceleration. However I am struggling to understand moment of inertia and angular acceleration. If possible please...
  11. M

    Need some help with Bernoulli's principle and how it applies to a drone

    Hi there, I am building a drone for a school project and I am looking at physics behind how it flies. I stumbled upon Bernoulli's principle and the Coanda effect but I am struggling to find out how it can apply to the rotors of a drone. I understand the primary aspect of as the fluid's speed...
  12. Y

    Understanding and Tuning Non-Linear PID Controllers for UAVs

    Hello, I'm working on a project controlling a UAV (quadcopter) I'm trying to understand non-linear PID controllers. I know that a linear PID is given by: and a non-linear PID the konstant terms are replaced with functions My question is: how to i find these function and tune the paremeters, i...
  13. Y

    How Do You Convert Drone Position Errors into Roll and Pitch Angles?

    Hi guys We have a problem we we are building a flight controller for a drone, but fail to understand how to construct the position controller. It takes the x, y positions and the angle in between them which we call yaw. How to compute the angles roll and pitch for the desired x and y positions...
  14. M

    The Physics of Drone Flight: Exploring Control Mechanisms

    Now this may be quite an odd request but would it be possible for any of you to give me an insight into drone/quadcopter flight. I am building a drone for my school project and I am also focusing on the flight of it. I have found papers on drone flight however I am struggling to come up with any...
  15. F

    Solving the Rocket Pendulum Fallacy?

    I have been researching the rocket pendulum fallacy and have gotten into some spirited debate on the subject. If I understand correctly... 1. if the thrust is perfectly in line with the centerline (and no outside forces act on the craft other than gravity) it does not matter where the source...
  16. T

    Calculate the speed of the flywheel for my drone motor

    I have drone motor with propellers attached to the top of ring flywheels rim at the edge and the flywheel is 18 inches in diameter and weigh's 2kg. The drone motor with propellers rpm 5200 and thrust 900 grams. What rpm will the flywheel be rotating at.
  17. K

    Misc. Generating as much suction with as little weight as possible

    Hello all, as my final project to attain my bachelors, I have tasked myself with designing some sort of device to collect insects from the canopy of soybean plants that can be suspended under a UAS (quad copter/drone). What I am trying to do is essentially build some sort suction device. The...
  18. prashantakerkar

    Calculators Smartphones apps for accessing Quadcopter Drones

    Is it feasible to design and development Smartphones apps which will access,control & monitor quadcopter Drones operating at 2.4 GHz & 9.8 GHz wireless frequencies? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  19. P

    Misc. Strong light material to be lifted by a drone?

    Hi, I am currently constructing a personal project, and I was wondering if anybody knew any thin material that was relatively light weight, cheap, and as strong as wood. I understand that carbon fiber exists, but this material is rather expensive. If anyone knows alternatives to using wood or...
  20. doglover9754

    What happens if you put a drone on hover in a moving car

    I was flying my drone last week and then it hit me. What happens to the drone if you put it in hover mode in a moving car? It must be a closed roof car and can move at any speed. But what my question is, what will happen to the drone? In hover mode, a drone will just float where it is. But if...
  21. Spinnor

    Drone fails compilation.... Beware of monkeys with sticks

    We need to get humans out of the loop. Amazing how rugged they are after long falls.
  22. U

    Blades/propellers - power optimization - drone hovering

    I wonder what is the best figures for blades/prepellers - assuming I am trying to optimize battery life and my main usage for the drone is hoovering. I can not play with the arm length. I do consider 4 blades over 2 blades at the same propeller - not sure if it will help. Any feedback or idea is...
  23. B

    Why Do Quadcopter Control Equations for Roll and Pitch Exclude Aerodynamic Drag?

    Hey, everyone, I have a question regarding quadcopters, when the set of the arms is of configuration X, to roll we increase the velocity of the two motors on the left/right and decrease the other motors on right/left, the question is when doing so the total angular velocity is zero that means...
  24. Z

    I Drone Gun: A Revolutionary Weapon Against Rogue Drones

    A company named Drone Shield has developed a 'Drone Gun', which is capable of jamming a drone from up to 1.2 miles (approx. 2 km) away...
  25. Arman777

    Using Best drone and Software to count wild animals

    I have a project and in that project I'll count the wild life animals from a drone. I need to find a drone that doesn't make much sound also (maximum 60-70 dB), it must capable of a flight time 30 min and also can carry a IR camera. I find a drone callled Phantom 4 (Advanced or Pro)...
  26. B

    Quadcopter Drone Uses and Potential Applications | Mini-Drone Review

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0111O7VIC/?tag=pfamazon01-20 I tried my nephew mini-drone inside my room and it's quite interesting.. it can hover in mid air and you can really navigate it. Some questions. 1. Sometimes there are flying cockroaches in my room. Can the minidrones propellers kill them...
  27. Joel Graff

    PID control for drone rotations

    Hello, I'm playing around with simulating drones (quadcopters) in Gazebo (an open source robotics simulator). The control system is made up of six PIDs (one for each degree of freedom) and I'm encountering trouble tuning the pids for pitch / roll control. In this case, the linear x / y and...
  28. Aero_Arnendu

    Live Feed Drone Camera: Infrared/Night Vision & Clarity

    please refer some live feed drone camera with infrared and night vision and good picture clarity in minimum price . thank you
  29. A

    What is the Best Control System for Compressed Air in a Drone?

    Hey, I'm working on a project to build a drone which is powered through air jets. The drone needs a valve control system which can control the flow rate (hence the thrust) going to each nozzle in order to adjust it's altitude and stabilty. I need to set up a circuit which can electronically...
  30. A

    Building a Drone from Scratch - Where to Start?

    I am planning to make a drone in near time. I have absolutely zero pre-requisite knowledge of the technical stuff and drone designs. I am going to start with a basic drone. Can somebody help me out as to how many types of drones are there, where should I commence etc?
  31. G

    Technology behind camera drones with "follow" function

    Hi. Most modern camera quadcopters (drones) have a "follow" function, allowing them to follow and film a person. The DJI Phantom 4 does this by optical tracking, most other brands require that the person carry a smartphone or other wearable. How does this work? I assume the smartphone or...
  32. Futurestar33

    Electric engine for car vs Electric Engine for Drone

    Hello, I am trying to find out if there are any differences between how the Electric engine for car works vs how an Electric Engine for Drone works. I am sure the both consist of an Ignition coil, stator and rotor. However I have not been able to find the any schematics for a drones electric...
  33. S

    Equations of motion for 4 dof

    Hi all, I'm working on a project to control the angles of a beam(purple) with a quadcopter(orange),see figure below. The angles for both the ground-beam and beam-quadcopter will be measured with joysticks, so only roll and pitch angles will be measured and the yaw rotation is fixed. To obtain...
  34. 3301

    Magnet on drone just attract hate

    Hey guys its Saturday and the beer has been on menu. So the topic was " drones using magnet" and little magnets would be placed on propellers and thus they would circulate. Power generated from that could be used in micro controllers to control the movement of drone. Can someone tell me how to...
  35. Redbelly98

    New drone is quadcopter-plane hybrid

    I saw this on Yahoo news earlier today. http://news.yahoo.com/belgian-drone-mixes-plane-quadcopter-technology-120407999.html?bcmt=1453122222785-ab7269f0-75d2-46ff-a4ad-24a433f07605&bcmt_s=u#mediacommentsugc_container From the article: The article is sadly lacking any photos of the drone, but a...
  36. S

    Designing a Switch for XT90 Battery Connectors on Drones

    I have a battery that connects to a drone via XT90 connection male/females. I want to make a switch to keep the current from transferring to the drone from the battery until I say so (i.e. a physical on/off switch). What would be the best way to do this?
  37. Daren Zomerman

    Airflow on/around quadcopter drone

    Hello, I'm a journalist interested in using an air-quality sensor on a drone, and I'm wondering how the airflow will affect the readings. This would be assuming that I will use a DJ Phantom 2 quadcopter with a GoPro underneath, the drone specs can be found at this link. For the project, we...
  38. C

    Writing: Input Wanted Designing drone army defence for a loosely populated planet

    Setting info - take it as granted. Strategy - treat it as an open issue, if you see an alternative solution, please suggest it. Setting - natural conditions Planet to defend - Earthlike, tidal locked around red dwarf, water world, cold, 3 atm Main weakness point - gates - that allow...
  39. L

    Water/land detection/differentiation from a quadcopter

    Hello, I want to have a quadcopter drone type set up which can tell how far from land it is. I would go for GPS but I want it to take into consideration the tide, and in general I'm only talking a distance of 50-200m (within shore fishing distance). The ideal system would be a drone that can...
  40. M

    Calculating Propeller Thrust for Custom-Made Drone

    I would like to know how does the general equation about propellers thrust look like. How should I calculate the force to be big enough for a lift off? The object (a drone) is located in a spacecraft , which means the gravitational force is 0. Are there more variables that I should concern...
  41. rajrocks

    Quadcopter or drone robots designing

    Hello everyone ! Its very first post here & with the go i want to know about basic reasons behind the liftup of quadcopters or drone going popular these days. Is it the propeller designing motor weight & speed battery power etc ...
  42. Borg

    News Was Alcohol Involved in White House Drone Crash?

    Like the Secret Service needs another headache. :oldeyes: http://news.yahoo.com/spokesman-secret-recovers-device-white-house-095128139.html
  43. P

    New drone design idea, pull air for lift

    I have read a discussion about a centrifugal fan on a wheel system The fan pulled air to itself and push the air outward from center. Most flying machines that I aware of push air down, as Newton describes. Since air is move downward, but toward machine could a new drone work this way...
  44. Y

    How Can We Design a Solar Drone with Long Duration Flight and High Payload?

    Recently, Facebook suggested solar powered drones could be used to provide internet coverage in remote areas and they would basically act as low altitude 'geostationary' satellites. The current duration record for a solar drone is 2 weeks using energy stored in batteries during the day, to keep...
  45. jtbell

    Amazon.com delivery by drone coming

    On the CBS "60 Minutes" program tonight, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showed reporter Charlie Rose a prototype of their "Octocopter" drone which is intended to deliver packages directly from a fulfillment center to a customer's doorstep: Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone This service...
  46. G

    Solving Target Math w/ Drone: Max Thrust & Torque

    Here is a problem I've been trying to sort out and I can't get, I think it's kind of an interesting one. Imagine a drone and a target point on a 2d plane. There are eight parameters: P = my position Q = target's position V = my velocity I = my moment of inertia w = my angular velocity s...
  47. Pythagorean

    News Pakistani drone strikes kill 1 confirmed terrorist for every 50 deaths

    From a report four month ago: Confirmed Terrorist casualties 1/50 = 2% Child casualties: 176/3325 = 5% Of course, this counting method doesn't use Obama's convenient method of "all military aged males in the region". I wonder how much this contributes to their recruitment rate...
  48. J

    Build Your Own Drone - A Guide for Beginners

    I've been having this urge to create my own flying robot, quadrotor or something similar with motors and rotating blades, I've thought up how it would fly, turn, and be powered. Still some problems like, I wanted to connect a camera to it, but how do I transmit video over distance, is the...
  49. M

    News Can Iran use a captured US drone for military advantage?

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/12/05/us-military-sources-iran-has-missing-us-drone/ Foxnews reported that Iran captured a US drone. I'm not sure how much benefit the Iranians can get from a drone. They might be able to download its firmware/software; I doubt they could understand the...
  50. mugaliens

    Whoops Navy drone strays from program

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100826/tc_yblog_upshot/renegade-unmanned-drone-wandered-skies-near-nations-capital" I'm glad the grounded the "fleet" until they figure out what happened. If anything, the Navy is usually fairly conservative with respect to their ops. I am all for...