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Using Mathematica for 4 vectors and etc.

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    I just got mathematica and I wanted to use it to simplify 4 vector/ Lorentz transformations by using matrices etc. I was wondering how I would go about doing this. I just started special relativity in my first semester Quantum Mechanics/S.R. class for reference.
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    Thanks, but the book did not address my issue (not to mention it was over my level). I was just introduced to the transforms and I was wondering how I would go about doing this. For example variable declarations, matrix operations, basic lorentz transforms, etc. I have looked around and went through tutorials but I couldn't put it together.
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    You can check these notes:

    http://inside.mines.edu/~jamcneil/CourseInformation/phgn300/McNeil/Lectures/SpaceTime3/MathematicaIntro/Introduction.html [Broken]

    Try to understand what is going on. Then you have to decide what problem you want to solve, what drawing you want to make.
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    Here is a notebook that I use. It has some definitions and several random examples. I had to delete some sections and some output to make it smaller.

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    Arkajad, thanks for the link, that one was very useful.

    Dalespam, I really thank you for that notebook, I am keeping it for reference, that is a great help :).
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