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Using nanotubes as stem cell straws

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1
    I'm interested in nanotubes, and buckyball combos. I imagine playing with the a buckyball toy, and a nanotube toy, similar to how I used to play with legos, and kinects. I think of the interesting things that buckyballs can do inside the system of a nanotube. The best creatively inspiring evaluation that I can give is what in english is called prepositions. For a simplified explanation, a preposition is what a squirrel can do to a mountain. A squirrel can go under a mountain, through a mountain, or past a mountain. A buckyball can be spun in a nanotube, a buckyball can be delivered in a nanotube, a buckyball can be launched in a nanotube, etc. Well this got me to thinking, what if we can use a nanotube, coated in another material (maybe bio-activated, or magnetic), as a straw like system to deliver stem cells, and other things. I'm sure a long nanotube could be used as a stimulating diode. A nanotube pathway gated at the outside of the body, can be utilized to deliver a stem cell. A simple nanotube can warp a stem cell, etc.
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    Is there a question in there somewhere or did you just feel the need to share your thoughts?
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