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VBA not calculating how I want it to

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    I've just been messing around on VBA and am trying to write a summation that estimates pi. It doesn't add anything to the sum within the do while. I tried a for loop also, but it just takes whatever i initialize sum to and multiplies it by 4 and adds one. I just want it to add continually to sum the new values of n given j. Need help it seems like such a simple problem...

    Sub pi()
    Dim j As Integer
    Dim sum As Integer
    Dim n As Integer

    sum = 0
    j = 2

    Do While j <= 100
    n = (1 / (2 * j - 1)) * ((-1) ^ (2 * j - 1))
    sum = sum + n
    j = j + 1
    sum = 4 * sum + 1
    Range("E2:E100").Cells(2).Value = sum

    End Sub
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    Your variables sum and n should not be declared as integer. There might be other problems in your code, but this jumped out at me right away.
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