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Vector potential in cavity of arbitrary shape

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    we know that vector potential in a resonator satisfies the equation [tex]\int[/tex][tex]A[/tex]([tex]\lambda[/tex])[tex]A[/tex][tex]^{*}[/tex]([tex]\lambda[/tex][tex]^{'}[/tex])[tex]d[/tex][tex]V[/tex]=[tex]4[/tex][tex]\pi[/tex]c[tex]^{2}[/tex][tex]\delta_{\lambda\lambda[/tex][tex]^{'}[/tex]
    So how about in cavity of arbitrary shape? Does this equation still valid?
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    The equation represents the orthogonality of modes of different frequencies.
    It would hold in a cavity of any shape, but the functions A would be harder to find.
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