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Vehicle Lateral Force Effect on Tire Wear

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    Just to check if anyone is able to help on this:

    As we generally know, lateral force on vehicle is also more commonly known as cornering force.

    In a situation where all external parameters are kept constant, i.e road temperature, road surface friction coefficient, same exact tire used.. etc etc... - Lateral force or cornering force of a vehicle will have an impact on the tire wear. (more force will generally mean faster tire wear)

    However, I am unable to find any reference material on books or website to back this theory.

    Is there anyone able to help to provide some reference material on this issue?

    Thank you.

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    I remember mention of a test showing that at a reasonably high cornering rate a particular tire would wear out in 300 miles, while if used at a steady speed and direction (no accel/decel or cornering) it would last 300,000 miles.

    Search "tire wear rate cornering force"; lots of good info. Here's one article from that search:
    http://www.rubberchemtechnol.org/resource/1/rctea4/v46/i4/p821_s1?isAuthorized=no [Broken]

    "There are three primary factors: tire force, pavement texture, and tire surface temperature. The major factor of these three is the sustained or instantaneous tire force. Accelerometer measurements show that cornering or lateral forces are chiefly responsible for wear in contrast to longitudinal (driving and braking) forces and the test system is designed to operate on the basis of such cornering forces. The wear rate depends exponentially on tire cornering force. In the low-moderate tire force range (0–500 lbs.) this may vary from approximately 2 to 4. The exponent depends upon pavement texture, tire temperature, and tread composition."
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    Ranger Mike

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    it is a pretty common practice to monitor the tire wear to get the best set up for the race car chassis. There are many tread depth gauges on the market including digital models. Even " slicks" have wear holes molded into the tire surface for this purpose.

    The only way to win races is by using all 4 tires efficiently. This thread depth gauge measures tread depth to 0.004, eliminating errors associated with tire temperature and chassis set up.

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