I Velocity, acceleration, jerk, snap, crackle, pop, stop, drop, roll...

does motion have any beginning, or is it just infinitely derived at a lower level?
Edit: I see this was discussed in the related thread sorry for a repost.
If acceleration causes a change in velocity, and jerk causes a change in acceleration, snap causes a change in jerk, crackle causes a change in snap, pop causes a change in crackle, stop causes a change in pop, drop causes a change in stop, roll causes a change in drop... and there are infinitely more layers?
Then if every change is causes by a lower level change, is there ever a beginning to any motion? What is actually happening when things begin moving? Sorry for the dumb question.


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Most of physics is captured by first and second order differential equations. For instance, the second derivative of position is acceleration which typically depends on position, velocity and mass.

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