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Very latest technique for corrosion control

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    i want to know the very latest technique for corrosion control
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    Re: corrosion

    Corrosion control is a broad topic and the application depends on the material being protected and the environment.

    Usually corrosion control involves breaking the galvanic circuit which drives the corrosion processes (oxidation/reduction reactions), often placing some impermeable coating on the material being protected, thus separating it from its environment, e.g. paint on a metal surface.

    Metals can form protective oxides on the surface, which is how stainless steel protects itself. However, in some harsh environments such as aggressive chemicals or high temperature or abrasives, the oxide layer could be damaged and it may not be as protective.

    Sometimes the environment may be modified by changing the chemistry e.g. pH or particuarly chemical species, or the temperature could be reduced, or flow characteristics (assuming gas or liquid) changed.
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    Re: corrosion

    One of the coolest recent developments in corrosion control is a http://www.protectivepackaging.net/inhibitorsinfo.cfm" [Broken]. It is used mainly in sealed equipment and during shipping.
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