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Very quick question about lift and apparent weight?

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    Hello everyone,

    When you go down a lift, are you actually falling down. Is the lift carrying you down, or are you falling down due to gravity towards the lift, if the lift goes too fast would your head crash? Sorry if my thinking is completely wrong.

    Ok now apparent weight is from the normal reaction force. Muscles pump blood up via veins and then they fall due to gravity and other factors. So when they fall and hit the interior of the foot, can't you feel it. So isn't apparent not just the normal reaction force.

    Thank you :smile:
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    To work it out draw a free body force diagram for someone standing on scales and then apply Newtons second law.If the lift is stationary or moving with a steady velocity apparent weight = true weight.If it accelerates upwards apparent weight is bigger and if it accelerates downwards apparent weight is smaller.What do you think might happen if the lift accelerated down at more than 9.8m/s^2?
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