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Video: Scientist plans Time Machine - Is this possible?

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    Please watch the video first. Its only about 5 minutes long:


    Thats really fascinating to me but I feel that somethings strange about it.

    Can you imagine this? As soon as he turns the machine on he could get messages from the future!

    What do you think?
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    I think, therefor I doubt.
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    I remember as a young man in my twenties being an observer in a round table discussion between a physicist, two theoretical mathematicians, and a combnitorist discussing a similar problem as a result of, at the time, a young Stephen Hawking's ideas and how they related to time travel and recall quite clearly the subtle issues of how time travel might be thoeretically possible for information while being lethal to all but almost elementary particles, let alone complex organic compounds.

    After viewing the video..Bottom Line?.. While theoretically possible in a number of ways the underlying problems of power requirements, space, and..um..time to do it..

    It would appear that in the video the proponent is using an odd byproduct of the difference in reference frames between a rotating object of light and a stationary (ok, relatively stationary) object. This can create a difference of apparent time, but whether it creates a stable, um, wormhole for lack of a better word, to the future and past, is no where near a fact let alone a strong theoretical possibilty.

    It would be nice, but I would need a lot more of the science before I would buy into funding it even if I were a philathropist just begging for a place to spill my dollars.
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    this looks like it was filmed back in the 80's or something. It's taking him too long :) Maybe he already tries it and failed, and that's why we didn't hear about it since?
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    Y thats what i think too, he knows that he has only 1 shot, and he knows the lasers aren't going to cut it. So he's stalling for time and trying to find and escape route or a different direction to go into.

    We'll know that he's done it when he starts guessing the superbowl winners each year.
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    I have my own Time-Machine. Unfortunatley it is limited to uni-directional motion through time.


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    i wonder if these too are related? personally i could never seen time travel being possible, perhaps we could travel to the future (as we are doing already but at a faster rate) but if we could ever travel backwards (in the pulp-sci-fi sense) we would know by now.

    even if we could travel to the future faster perhaps that would not be a good thing, the entire human race disappearing over a few years as people get access to this device? we'd just turn up on earth 20 years down the line where all the cities have degraded through 20 years of neglect.

    although this would be intresting if we jumped couple of thosand of years, died out, new intellegent life evolved and became archelogists and tried to fathom why humans ceased to exist for 2 thousands years before returning again :).
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    Suddenly the end of the Mayan civilization makes sense...
  10. Jun 8, 2009 #9
    ha! ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    applying time diliation for velocities above light is like applying laws of gases for solids.
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