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A scientist is a person who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest.In classical antiquity, there was no real ancient analog of a modern scientist. Instead, philosophers engaged in the philosophical study of nature called natural philosophy, a precursor of natural science. It was not until the 19th century that the term scientist came into regular use after it was coined by the theologian, philosopher, and historian of science William Whewell in 1833.In modern times, many scientists have advanced degrees in an area of science and pursue careers in various sectors of the economy such as academia, industry, government, and nonprofit environments.

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  1. D

    Senior Aerospace Scientist

    Senior Scientist Aerospace engineering concentrating on mechanical and structural engineering analysis for space telescopes
  2. V

    How Does an Electric Pulse Affect Excitonic Absorption Spectra?

    Diploma: "Exzitonische Absorptionsspektren unter dem Einfluß eines elektrischen Pulses" Thesis: "New solution algorithm for Volterra deffects"
  3. ateixeira

    Can Returning to Academia Reignite a Former Consultant's Passion for Science?

    I finished my degree in 2007, drifted away into management consulting and the financial world. Now in 2024 I decided to return and do a PhD in particle physics (lattice QCD and mesonic physics to be more exact.) Hence I defined a study plan to get me into basic shape until September. Besides...
  4. B

    Introducing myself

    Hello, I'm Bertram and I'm in my last year of school and I would like to study physics, I really like particle physics from what I know. I'm here to connect to other scientists or students, but also to learn more about the subject, common problems and the way of precise articulating. Have a nice...
  5. Ben Messer

    Is Sabine Hossenfelder the Key to Unlocking New Theories in Physics?

    Neil deGrasse Tyson has been a great "goto" and respected physicist for me to follow online. I've read Einstein's biography and have been fascinated with the world as theorized by some of the greatest minds and proofs. Recently, I've come across a name I've never known. Admittedly, this is a...
  6. Kennard Callender

    Kennard Callender, independent scientist

    Hi, my name is Kennard Callender. I am an independent scientist from Panama working on the foundations of quantum mechanics and relativity. I look forward to meeting people who desire to understand nature at its most fundamental level and who can help me polish my work.
  7. Z

    Optics, Astronomy, and Programming: A Scientist's Journey

    I received my degree some years ago. Been very focused on optics, astronomy, programming.
  8. epenguin

    The Scientist as Hero - or not

    "Novels about scientists: Nigel Balchin, The Small Back Room, and the Black Magic Chocolate Box" This chocolate box will be instantly recognised by everybody in Britain of any age. In these days I was surprised to learn the identity of the man behind the design, someone with a reputation well...
  9. BadgerBadger92

    Who Is Your Favorite Scientist and Why?

    I’m interested in seeing what your opinions are. I was hoping to learn a thing or two from what you prefer.
  10. R

    Admissions Should I say I'm a full-time data scientist and physics student in my SOP?

    Is it a good or bad idea to mention that I am a full-time physics student while simultaneously a full-time data scientist employee while doing physics research too in my SOP for grad school? Is it seen as too confident or bragging? Or it helps me to say this? Does it make it sound bad if I...
  11. TeethWhitener

    Job Skills What to do as a scientist between jobs

    There have been a few threads recently about scientists having trouble landing jobs, either fresh out of school or after leaving a former job. People have been wondering what they should be doing to remain engaged with the scientific community to increase their employability. I saw this article...
  12. Hacker Jack

    Has this ever been done before? (lone scientist making a scientific breakthrough)

    Has there ever been a lone scientist (maybe even self taught) who made a break through theory or scientific discovery? I am going to say something kind of weird but I have romantic thoughts in my head of teaching myself advanced physics through the internet and somehow doing something 'great' in...
  13. ClimberT8

    Physicist and Data Scientist in Ed Tech

    How did you find PF?: Searching for "high school and college physics teachers discussion forums" I am a "kiddo" in Physics, like Dr. Jill Biden ;-) and following a highly anti-recommended circuitous path have ended up doing data seance. That should tell you everything you need to know about my...
  14. Steven Ellet

    Medical How to find a scientist who researches a specific field?

    I have a Hypothesis on one potential cause for allergies and a potential cure based on that hypothesis. Unfortunately I have absolutely no way to test my hypothesis, Is there any way for me to get in contact with people studying that field?
  15. S

    How to connect with a Astrophysics scientist from a reputed institute

    Summary:: Need an Astrophysicist from a reputed institute. Can anyone please help me with a Astrophysicist from a reputed institute. I have a paper to present...but don't know how to reachout to a scientist. I tried mailing a few scientists but they don't respond back. Please help. Regards...
  16. Arya888

    What is the Salary for a Physics Scientist in the US or Canada?

    Hello I'm from Iran I love physics And I want to continue in physics and go to the US or Canada but because of my current financial situation I can't and I'm trying to leave Iran. But when I read about the rights and benefits of physics everywhere in the world, I get frustrated, not like my...
  17. N

    Most valuable trait for a scientist or engineer?

    If you had to pick a character trait that was most important for you in your scientific or engineering career, what would it be? For me, it would be humility, which includes the willingness to accept that I don't know stuff, willingness to learn new stuff and the readiness to admit if I made a...
  18. M

    What avenue of physics can a scientist in the Star Wars galaxy study?

    What I’m looking for is some new avenue of physics for a scientist in the Star Wars galaxy to be studying. They probably know what dark matter and dark energy are since Starkiller Base is powered by it. I’m sure they know about how the universe began, why it’s expanding and what it’s fate is...
  19. fluidistic

    Name of a scientist who introduced many words into English?

    I remember having read about a scientist (I think a physicist) who introduced many scientific terms into the English language. I can't remember his name! Can someone try to guess him? It wasn't Faraday, who apparently coined the terms "anode", "cathode", "electrode" and "ion". There were more...
  20. B

    Publishing as a citizen scientist

    I would like some advice please. If a citizen scientist was to make a genuine ground breaking discovery based on sound scientific principles how does one proceed cautiously to publication and retain credit for their discovery without their idea being stolen ? I understand that such thing as...
  21. fresh_42

    Insights Match the Scientist with the Story Quiz - Comments

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  22. itsarah55

    Other Industry Jobs for a Planetary Scientist

    I am recent undergraduate with a B.S in Astrophysics. I was looking at getting a PhD in planetary science, but curious what type of industry jobs are available. I'm not interested in working in academia.
  23. S

    Physics Learning to do science without being told what to do

    How do you learn to be a scientist without being told what to calculate, what to think about, etc? I feel like my hand has been held this whole time when I was doing experiments or calculations, I feel kind of unable to come up with new ideas myself sometimes. Are you a scientist? (doing a PhD...
  24. Pi Pie

    Other Is it worth it to become a scientist?

    Hello, everyone. I'm a Physics undergraduate, I study in a highly acclaimed university (According to QS ranking and others) and I'm currently on the second year (3rd semester). Also I'm new here, just joined Physics Forums. My goal is to become a theoretical physicist or a cosmologist, but...
  25. FallenApple

    Job Skills Data Scientist Phone interview at Apple

    So I have a phone interview at Apple tomorrow. Are there any tips on what part of statistics I should review? I guess it wouldn't be helpful to do computations with matrix equations or derivations, but focus more on the concepts? I suppose I can review linear regression and logistic...
  26. Weslley

    Studying for some area which seems not right for you

    Hey everyone. I just found out about the forum and already discovered a lot of good and useful content. Anyway, is anyone in or studying for some area of knowlegde which just seems that it's not the right thing for you? And that physics, astronomy, mathematics or, perhaps, other fields related...
  27. K

    I New scientist SU(5) Unification without Proton Decay

    new scientist latest issue covers this paper SU(5) Unification without Proton Decay Bartosz Fornal, Benjamin Grinstein (Submitted on 26 Jun 2017 (v1), last revised 13 Nov 2017 (this version, v2)) We construct a four-dimensional SU(5) grand unified theory in which the proton is stable. The...
  28. A

    Job Skills Do Scientist memorize everything they learned?

    I'm a 17-year-old high-school student aspiring to be a scientist (either a biologist, physicist or cosmologist), and I watched a video a while ago about How to prepare to be a physicist. He (the guy who made a video is also a physicist) said that scientists usually don't remember/memorize...
  29. N

    Studying 7th Grade Aspiring Rocket Scientist

    Hello! I'm currently in 7th grade, and I want to become a Rocket Scientist. Is there any possible way that I could speed this process up before I take AP tests or CLEP tests or go to college? I know it will be hard, but I want to learn. I think it might have something to do with Linear Algebra...
  30. Radhey

    Schools Being a scientist -- I need to choose my university major now....

    Hello everyone! I am from Nepal. i am recent high school graduate and going to college in US (medium ranked)this fall. I am here little bit confused about choosing my major. I love science! I love organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biology, genetics, and I get more fascinated learning about...
  31. Dadface

    Music The famous scientist and the famous rock musician

    Can't help seeing some similarities. If Newton were alive today I wonder if he would be a fan of Led Zeppelin. Perhaps he would occasionally fill in for Robert Plant.
  32. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Can You Guess the Scientist? Unveiling the Results of a Fair Test

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  33. E

    Job Skills How can I transition from academia to become a data scientist in the industry?

    Hello all, I'm trying to come up with a detailed plan on how to make a transition from academia to become a data scientist in the industry. My academic background is: B.Sc in Computer Engineering, and M.Sc and PhD (and ~ 2 years postdoc experience) in Electrical Engineering/Wireless...
  34. A

    Dreaming to become a scientist (physicist), can I?

    Hello, my name is Andraž, I am from Slovenia(east neighbor of Italy, and southern neighbor of Austria for those of you who don't know) and I am very determined to be a physicist. I am 18 years old and as a student of the fourth year of high school, I am about to apply for the university...
  35. Immersion

    Physics Better MSc. option to be Data scientist if I'm Physicist?

    Hi everybody, I have a bachelor degree in physics and I want to be Data Scientist, I have good programming skills and background in mathematical statistics, so, between options that I have found of MSc. are applied mathematics, applied statistics, statistics, applied physics, computer science...
  36. Gjmdp

    Engineering Is it too much being an engineer & a scientist?

    I am talking about being both engineer and scientist: a PhD in Physics and a MS in engineering. Far too much? I hope not to be the case. These days is really hard to decide whether to choose engineering or science, and I'm not in a position to eliminate one of them "forever".
  37. A

    B What do scientists mean by 'Nothing'?

    I very often hear scientists talking about how according to modern theories it's completely possible to something manifest out of nothing, and therefore there is nothing illogical of saying that universe came out of nothing. How is this 'nothing' defined and trough what logical process? Very...
  38. Dr. Courtney

    Insights Blaming Government for Teacher and Scientist Failures in Integrity - Comments

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  39. B

    Math Career Advice -- Wanting to become a data scientist

    Hi, so currently I am stuck in a situation where I currently accepted a job offer and had 5 other interviews which I never heard back from any yet. (I will have to say no if I hear back I guess and there was one I really was hoping to get but its going to be too late now). These were for data...
  40. Angel Penaflor

    Who is the most influential scientist today?

    I've been reading about the life of different scientist like Newton, Albert Einstein and Ramanujan and a question came to my mind Who do you think is the most important or influential scientist today?
  41. P

    Physics Can a physicist work as a rocket scientist?

    For an agency can a physicist be employed as a rocket scientist or he has to get a degree in engineering? If not does he need to take some special courses to convert himself to a rocket scientist?
  42. P

    How to become a famous scientist?

    Like Richard feynman, einstein, and michio kaku?
  43. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Which Scientist Said What - Comments

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  44. Khatti

    Story where a scientist definitively proves there is no god

    I have an idea for a short story where a scientist definitively proves there is no god, that this life is all there is--with disastrous results.Where I'm stuck is coming up with a good McGuffin. Anyone out there have any thoughts on what would prove definitively there is no god or, more...
  45. B

    Who was the great scientist killed in World War 1?

    When i took chemistry in high school, i remember one time the teacher mentioned a great scientist who made the discoveries for the aspects of chemistry that we were studying. This chemist made some sort of huge breakthroughs in chemistry sometime before November 1918. He might have won a Nobel...
  46. L

    The Lonely Scientist: Finding Friends Who Share Your Interests

    Yes, this is going to be one of those awful feelsy threads. I am a first year Physics student. Even at this primordial stage in my scientific career I am feeling an increasing isolation with every step I take towards greater knowledge. There is already so much that I can't share with my...
  47. S

    Science Career without being a Scientist

    Is it possible to start a career in science without technical skills in science. e.g Degree, Phd etc. I ask this as someone that is currently working in industrial automation with a great interest in science (particularly astronomy) and wanting to actively contribute to advances in the field...
  48. A

    Materials: scientist vs engineering (research wise)

    So, i am trying to decide between materials science or engineering, i understand the difference, and i am preferring engineering due to the better career perspective, specially that i am from a country where research isn't their first priority, but i am still very interesting in research and...
  49. B

    News Controversy Surrounding Scientist's Killing of Rare Bird for Research Purposes

    http://travel.aol.co.uk/2015/10/10/scientist-first-ever-photo-rare-bird-kills-it-male-moustached-kingfisher/ Is this real or have I been kidnapped by an evil time lord and taken back to the 18th century. What earthly purpose or benefit does removing a rare specimen from it's natural habitat...
  50. A

    PhD in astro to become a data scientist?

    I'm planning to start grad school for astrophysics next year, but am kind of put off by reading about the lack of jobs in science after graduation. It looks like data science is the current hot field to go into, even for PhDs in other fields. Would it make sense to start a PhD program fully...