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Visual studio 2015 components downloading problem

  1. Sep 30, 2015 #1
    I downloaded visual studio 15 and as i saw some of its components need to be installed
    I tried to install them but it seems that its not compatible with my internet download (20kb/s download breaks after few minutes)
    So is there any way i can download them from microsoft and install them offline ?
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    20 kb/s seems very slow, especially since these files can be multiple gigabytes. One of the VS 2013 files was nearly 3 GB in size.

    How is your computer connected to the internet? If by WiFi, I have noticed that my wireless router sometimes corrupts larger files during downloads. What works for me is to connect an ethernet cable from the router to the ethernet port in my computer. Having a hard wire connection to the router eliminates the files being corrupted, and really speeds up the downloads.
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    This is Iran ... having a speed around 20kb/s is very common
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    So the 3 GB file that Mark44 mentioned would probably take you about 36 hours to download.

    I have an 80 kB/s connection at home, and it takes me about 3 hours to download 1 GB. (Yes, that's very slow for the USA. I haven't bothered to upgrade yet because I can download big stuff at work. :oldwink:)
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