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Voltage switching for 18 segment VFDs

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    I have a project with old 18 segment vacuum fluorescent tubes. I provide 1.5 volts for the filaments, 48 volts on the anode, and 48 volts on the segment(s) and they light well. I want to light each segment independently using an IC (parallax propeller) that will use 3.3 volts to turn on or off each segment by way of an (NPN?) transistor. Any suggestions for the circuit or is there an easier way than transistors?

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    Sure. There are VFD drivers available. Take a look at 5018 and 5012 drivers. Can't say for sure if they are specifically designed for this but I have worked on equipment that uses them in that particular manner.
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    Have not found anything of a 5018 or 5012 driver on the net. Who manufactures these?

    I have flirted with the idea of the maxim series before and more specifically the NJR 3426 as it seems more user friendly. But I am looking for a way to make my own circuit to drive the tubes if possible since I am more familiar with the Spin language of the Propeller than C++ that I would need to use for the NJR (or maxims).
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    My apologies. It is not 5012 and 5018, it is 5812 and 5818.
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