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Volume of a cylinder and radius

  1. Dec 15, 2015 #1
    Ok so i know the equation for the volume of a cylinder and the equation for calculating the radius. But when calculating the radius does the volume need to be converted in to cubic inches or can it stay as imperial fluid ounces.
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    It needs to be converted into cubic inches first if you want the radius in inches.
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    Use the volume units that are needed. Convert the length units to inch equivalents or convert the length units to their imperial fluid ounce unit.
    Looking at what you described, you want a radius value, and you have the volume and cylinder length. Convert the volume into cubic inches! Now you have a formula for radius in inches. Your cylinder length should already be in inches.
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    Sigh. See what happens when people do not use SI units! The dimensional analysis gets very complicated (and when people skip that part, the answer makes no sense).
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