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W and Z boson production and decay at e-e+ collider

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    I was wondering how W+/- pairs can be created in an electron/positron collider.

    Does the e+e- form a [itex] Z^0 [/itex] which decays to [itex] W^- W^+ [/itex] ?

    http://www.particle.kth.se/zlab/project/Elep.gif [Broken]

    I have found this picture, but there is no info about the mediating particle (in the small feynman diagram to the right) and I have looked in my two books about particle physics, and on wikipedia. and have not found any information at all

    The books I have considered are "particle physics" by Martin & Shaw, and "Particles and nuclei" by Povh et. al.

    EDIT: Is it also possible for the [itex] W^- W^+ [/itex] to be created from an intermediate photon?

    Thank you for your time and help :-)
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    There are the two cases you mention, with an s-channel photon or Z. There's also the case where you have a t-channel neutrino and W's radiating off each vertex.
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    ah, ok I see. So a neutrino is the "mediator" in the t-channel?
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