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Other Want to be an engineer, but do research on the side?

  1. Aug 19, 2016 #1
    So, I really want to be an Aerospace Engineer, but I also love chemistry, physics, math, and etcetera. Most of what I love tends to be application focused, rather than pure. Regarding chemistry, I really like synthetic physical organic stuff; especially geometrically strained compounds and materials chemistry. Regarding physics, I like fluid dynamics and relativity. Regarding math, I want to progress encryption significantly.

    Historically there are some amazing self taught multidisciplinary scientists, i.e. da Vinchi, Ya.B Zel'dovich, and etcetera. I know for sure that if I can, I'll double major in Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry just because I love them so much.

    But, if I want to do research on the side (in various fields), how necessary are credentials to be that specific?

    I have many fields that I'm interested in and will learn anyway. If my work is good, would it be hard to get published without a specific degree?
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    Engineers do plenty of research! Don't try to determine exactly where you want to make contributions now. Do your studies in engineering and then see what interests you. There are a lot of interesting research areas in engineering, many of them highly multidisciplinary, so focus on learning what field you choose and then take it from there.
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