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Wattage requirement for step-up transformer

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    Hello,I want to investigate the feasibility of buying a step-up transformer(110/120v to 220/240v)in order to plug in a 20 amp 240v portable electric heater that is rated at 4000 watts.The 110/120 comes from a standard wall outlet in a home built in 1995.I want a portable heater set-up that is safe,and efficient as possible and will give me more than 1500watts 5120BTU'S.Some websites state I need a 6000 watt transformer others say 8000watt minimum.I dont want to go overboard, but safety is absolutely essential,and keeping down electrical bill and heating home better than a 1500w 5120 btu heater provides. I dont have 220/240 in house,and I thought the step-up transformer in combination with a heater rated at 4000watts might do the trick? ANY advice you can give will be greatly appreciated!
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    You would want a 6000w transformer, but what you suggest can't be done: your house's wiring would not support it. You can just buy 2 or 3 1500w space heaters and plug them into separate circuits, though...

    ...in either case, this is an odd thing to do: doesnt your house have permanently installed heat?
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