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Afaid I might blow up my DVD player. 115V and 200v outlet question.

  1. May 10, 2006 #1
    Hi folks

    I found a STEP DOWN transformer lying somewhere in the basement from way back when and I am not sure whether this thing is going to do what I think it does.

    I am in Australia, a 220-240V country. I have a US DVD player and it's 110-120V AC.

    It says on my transformer... INPUT: 230/240V AC, OUTPUT: 115V AC 65VA (0.57A), 65W stepdown. Is this the right thing to use??

    Now I think this is going to do the trick but I don't want to black out my house if something goes wrong. Not to mention fry my player. Cause I was thinking that the OUTPUT should be 230/240 V AC since that's the voltage here.

    I vaguely remember using this transformer before but I could be wrong.

    Any help will be great.
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    The output should be what the DVD player requires.
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    If you are afraid it may fry something, and want an added level of security, why not just plug the transformer in and check the voltage with an AC voltmeter before plugging in the DVD player? Any reading from about 110 to about 130 Volts should be OK.
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    thanks averagesupernova and hammie.

    Well Hammie, the thing is I don't have a AC voltmeter. If they aren't too expensive (like under 10 dollars from the hardware store), I might get one.

    So If the voltmeter says 110-130, then it should be ok right? Well I might check that alternative.

    Thanks anyways guys.
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    Maybe instead of a voltmeter, you could find some semi-useless device that's also rated for 115 and plug it in. If it doesn't blow up, you might be okay. By the bye, what's your frequency down there? I don't know if it matters in this case, but a North American unit is designed for 60 cycle.
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    You could do a rough check by using an incedesent lamp. Should be approx. half as bright.
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    Low-end voltmeters can probably be gotten for $10AU.
  9. May 11, 2006 #8
    It is 50hz down here. I still haven't plugged in my player yet lol.

    Maybe my player will just be for show now hehe. Model player. Just kidding, I'm off to buy that voltmeter. Thanks again guys.
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