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Wave eqaution PDE in mathematica

  1. Jul 23, 2011 #1
    i cant make DSolve solve the wave equation with simple bvc
    ive gone through the mathematica documentation and cant find the answer

    for the input

    [itex]\text{DSolve}\left[\left\{u^{(2,0)}[x,t]==4 u^{(0,2)}[x,t],u[x,0]==1,u^{(0,1)}[x,0]==\text{Sin}[x]\right\},u,\{x,t\}\right][/itex]
    it just return it unevaluated
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    DSolve's ability to deal with PDE's is a little limited. Try solving the PDE without the BCs. This will give a solution in terms of two functions, C[1] and C[2]. Then use the BCs to solve for those.
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