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Wave Potential of Slamming a Household door?

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    I have a physics question about slamming doors and explosions. I've heard before that an explosion releases shock waves through the air that can severely damage a person's vital organs. Recently, I had a door slammed in my face (not literally, it did not hit my face). This wasn't a normal "door slam," it was unbelievably hard. The person was trying to slam it as hard as they physically could because they were angry with me. My ears rang for a while afterwards. My question is: is it possible for a person, in slamming a door, to produce a damaging shock wave in the air for a person standing right there? Sort of like a lesser version of the bomb explosion? Or is the most anyone could do is make a gust of "wind?"
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    I very much doubt it. Why not estimate how much kinetic energy the door might have?
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    Possibly it was the door hitting the frame that made the noise that caused your ears to ring .

    Not usually a problem in domestic doors but large metal on metal doors found in industry can sometimes make your ears ring for days if slammed shut carelessly .
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