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Homework Help: Wavelengths in a ripple tank experiment

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    In a ripple tank experiment, students generate water waves at a speed of 4.0 cm/s and a wavelength of 0.5 cm. If the waves are refracted into shallower water where their speed decreases to 3.0 cm/s, what is their new wavelength?

    What would the formula be for this question?
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    Re: Wavelength

    Consider these questions:
    1. How is wavelength related to speed?
    2. Is there any property of the waves that is independent of the water depth?
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    Re: Wavelength

    Im still not quite sure :\
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    Re: Wavelength

    Have you seen before the relation [tex]v = f \lambda[/tex]
    where v = speed of the wave, f = frequency of the wave, and [tex]\lambda[/tex] = wavelength of the wave?

    If not, you probably have to review your waves notes.

    The next piece of information that you have to use is the fact that the frequency of the wave depends only on its source.
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