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Weakness in socal security numbers found.

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    That link seems to lead to a log-in page, but I found the article off Google. For some reason, I can't get the link to work again though :grumpy:.

    This part is really scary. If they can do that, then the identity thieves have probably been doing that for a while. That's why when someone wants my S.S. or birthdate, I'm pretty careful to who I give it out to.
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    Interesting. I have lived my entire life in Illinois. Except for a two year stint when my father worked in Missouri. During that time, I had to apply for a SS number to enter high school. A year later, we moved back to Illinois. As a result, my SS number does not statistically match those of Illinois residents even though I was born there.

    In the early Apple ][ days, someone at my computer club worked up a similar algorithm to guess driver's liscense numbers. His program utterly failed with me due to my quirky Social Security number.
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