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Job Skills Weird Air Force admissions situation

  1. Aug 19, 2016 #1
    Anyone have any backup ideas/plans for me because it appears that my Air Force career goal isn't working out.... as in they might not even bother to send me to MEPs because of an issue.

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    Sure, contact your local McDonald's..
    How can we even begin to offer you any career advice with your sparse amount of information. Do you have a long range goal? How good is your current academic record? Do you have any interests or particular likes or dislikes? The more information (pertinent) you give us, the better the advice we can provide.
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    I thought you were in community college about start class this fall? I also thought you were excited about taking some silly certification or finding a job so wouldn't have to drop said classes.
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    I am currently still in CC. I'm testing for Certs over the summer(s).

    I currently have a long-range goal of becoming a Cisco Certified Master Network Architect (Cisco CCar). Another one is the Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belt at least (there's higher certifications than that).
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