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What Are Closed Timelike Curves?

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    i was going over some relativity search online and came across what is called a closed timelike curve and that i actually allows time travel, am i right?
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    A "curve" is a function [itex]c:A\rightarrow M[/itex] where A is some interval of real numbers and M is the spacetime manifold. "Timelike" means that if we call the tangent vector v and the metric tensor g, then g(v,v)<0 at all points on the curve. (If we define the metric with a +--- signature instead of -+++, it's ">" instead of "<"). "Closed" means that c(t+T)=c(t) for some real numbers t and T such that both t and t+T are in A.

    A timelike curve is the type of curve that can represent that path of a massive object through spacetime. If it's closed, the object will meet a younger version of itself at some point.

    Edit: I should probably add that the condition g(v,v)<0 can also be written

    [tex]g_{\mu\nu}v^\mu v^\nu<0[/tex]

    and that in a local inertial frame, this is just

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    i was thinking it over,about the constant energy.ctc's would violate 2nd law of therodynamics,also i looked up that GR allows ctc's but QM does not.
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