Python What are Good Reference Books for Python?

Back in the day, when Perl was my go to language, Programming Perl, the Camel Book, from O'Reilly was The Reference. It was the quick and concise way to get an answer. And you'd probably learn something you weren't necessarily looking for and get a chuckle along the way.

Now that Python is my primary language, I realize that I don't have such a book. O'Reilly's selection of Python books seems to be sparse and dated. I've seen a few books from other publishers but none of them seem to be on the same level as the Camel Book.

So anyway, the question is- are there any good, current Python reference books?


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To be honest, I don't use books for software reference anymore. It is much faster to just Google what you're looking for and find it online.
I admit, Google has been my friend, but sometimes it's nice to have a familiar book to turn to.

After looking through the books available, I bought a used copy of the newest Python in a Nutshell for $28.

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