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What are some BASIC implementaions for Linux?

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    I'd like a simple one, nothing complicated - something like MS QBasic, adapted a little to Linux would be fine.

    Why doesn't everyone use BASIC?
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    i learned QB when i was in high school, but i use C++ now. it can be edited at emacs with some pluge.
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    Look into FreeBASIC. Its a free open source BASIC compiler. Should be compatible with QBASIC. You may have luck with the original QBASIC by running it under a windows API for linux, like WINE.

    A question that could potentially cause programming language bashing. But the answer to this, at least in part, depends on what you're trying to do and how efficiently you want it done.
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    I never used basic but you could try python. Theres a lot of documentation out there for it and a lot of libraries. If you want GUI use GTK+ with python which is PyGTK. You should probably get glade if you want this (unless you want to write out the code of the GUI widgets and cross your fingers and hope its how you intended them to look).

    You might also want to try pearl. I am not really a fan of basic, never really seen it any applications (thus I never used it), I would say python is the way to go.
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