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[Linux] Last Semester of College Which distro?

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    So i will start my last semester of college in few days... Im taking few clases that require me to use linux, specially a android programming class (i know i can use windows, but to much ram limitations) i been using on and off ubuntu/debian for about 5 years, but never really felt really really comfortable with it, like i was able to install/remove programs edits files, basic basic, but never understood it at the kernel level.. So im thinking about just running linux for the next semester, but i want to run something a bit harder than just ubuntu, something that will force me to learn the linux guts... So im thinking to install Gentoo in my laptop (Sony Z13) what you guys think?? Still worth it to run Gentoo this days?? Ill be mostly doing C/C++ and android programming (using the Eclipse IDE)
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    How much harder than Ubuntu are you looking for?

    On my "development laptop", I use ArchLinux (https://www.archlinux.org/). The distro itself is barebones. You have to pick and choose what you want through the built-in repository. You have to be very comfortable with the Linux terminal and commands though...no pretty GUI software downloader.

    On my "gaming / everyday use laptop", I use LinuxMint. Its a lot like Ubuntu from a linux standpoint, but feels / acts more like Windows. I chose it to make it easier on the family.
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    I don't think it much matters, you can get neck deep in the guts of Linux with Ubuntu or Mint if you want to. Do you actually want to do kernel level C programming, or are you just wanting to learn a bit more everyday Linux-fu like Bash scripting and programming in your favourite language (with all that that entails in terms of installing software, setting up servers, build tools, etc)

    Might I point you in the direction of this, for learning about Linux guts.

    Linux From Scratch
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