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What are some(current) dead ends in quantum physics?

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    Classical mechanics has postulated a lot of things, and many of those postulates have been explained by quantum mechanics. But what are some of the postulates that haven't been explained?
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    Some key theorems about how the classical world emerges from the quantum are yet to be proved. It is expected its of the crossing your t's and dotting you i's type stuff, but then again they thought that at the end of the 19th century about classical physics and that didn't turn out quite like that so one never knows.

    You can find a bit more detail in Omnes book:

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    There was also a paper just a couple of days ago, resulting from a meeting in Oxford where these issues were discussed. It clearly lists a some key open questions on the subject and you can find a version of it at ArXiv.
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    Thanks guys.
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