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What are some diseases or medical conditions you might not know you have?

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    I have wandering eyes is one thing I have I only found out a few months ago. I dont know the technical term for it. I was watching a youtube video and they said some people thought they had add when in fact they werent paying attention because of their eye condition.

    I have good vision like reading all the letters that the optometrist says but no one ever bothered to check if my eyes wander.

    I may have had this for a while to becaues ive never read a novel or book in my life. Id read a few pages and get tired.

    Maybe that's why i preferred maths subjects to some degree.
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    You might have hypochondria...oh ****
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    You should not self diagnose yourself, especially with a youtube video. Go to a doctor if you think you have a medical condition.
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