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What are some good textbooks to use to teach myself Physics?

  1. Apr 7, 2013 #1
    Hey, I'm new here! I am a Sophomore in high school way over in urban Idaho, and I am at an impass. I have an extreme desire to learn physics, which I could take next year but decided to take AP Chem instead (I am taking AP Bio this year). So naturally I decided that I would teach myself Physics, as I would like to be a physicist someday. I hope to specialize in Condensed Matter Physics or Quantum Physics, but anything will do :smile: . I am aware of the online textbooks that are free to use, but when learning I am more of a solid object that I can take notes in the corner kinda guy. I am looking for the best textbook at the cheapest price. Also, I am currently in College Algebra and if I need a more advanced math please suggest it, and a textbook for that would be nice as well.
    Much thanks,
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    If you are Planning to give Advanced Placement Tests this year and looking for textbooks, then visit APcentral and view the Resource Page & Sample Syllabus
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    Well, that isn't exactly what I am looking for...I will be taking an AP test this year (AP Biology), next year (AP Chemistry), and two of them my senior year (AP Physics and AP Calculus); however, I am looking teach myself Physics just for the fun of it and because I really enjoy it. I am looking for the fastest way possible, and the way with the most and the best info, to teach myself Physics and Calculus at an adequately accelerated rate. I would much rather not be going into AP Physics and AP Chemistry blind and would like to surpass the knowledge recieved from AP Physics at the same time.
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