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What are some profitable jobs that cannot be outsourced?

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    Well, is there any hope?
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    Hope for what?

    It used to be that once a company hired you on, you could realistically expect that company to take care of you for the rest of your career: steady work, steady pay, safe pension, etc. But I think those days disappeared with leg warmers and head bands.

    Today the avergae person can expect to change careers something like six times. The advice I often hear is to think of yourself more as a contractor than a permanent employee. You have to continually update your skills so that you will always be marketable and in demand. You have to save money, not just for retirement, but for those lulls where jobs are scarce.
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    Construction, maintenance and health care. Bam.
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    Is importing workers the same as outsourcing?
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    You see this kind of crap wouldn't happen if we all get enslaved to speak one language, use one currency, and one TEAM of presidents that runs the entire world. Damn that would be pretty sweet knowing you can take a maglev train for 20 bucks to any part of the country without having to worry about communication.

    And what is this BS "We can't fix it because it's too expensive blah blah blah.." money is man-made paper so it's infinite. They should use money as a tool to regulate people from becoming lazy - just to make sure we keep working to maintain society, and not some magical barrier that even an entire country gets ****ed over because "the economy is crap" It's the Earth's resources that needs to be maintained not the economy. LOL.

    Sorry for the rant.
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    I once heard a lovely quotation about what happens to those who don't study history.
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    Not exactly on topic but funny none the less. A tongue in cheek reply seems appropriate.
    So, Raizy. You would like everyone to speak Chinese would you? It's the most used language so it's obvious that's the one that should be used. Majority rule and all that. :rolleyes:
    ah!, so you are talking about outsourcing. :biggrin:
    and as you print more and more the value becomes less and less. Infinite money has a value of zero.
    Good idea, let's start with you, and you let us know how that's working for you. For me, well, I worked very hard for many years so I could become lazy. :approve:
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    If you want to earn a lot of money and have a secure job get into health-care. If you like fishing, hunting, hiking, nature photography, and other outdoor activities you'd be golden because it is VERY difficult to recruit and retain skilled health-care professionals in rural areas. You don't have to become a doctor, either. If you can get training and certification in radiology, imaging, anesthesiology or some other specialty you'll get good pay and job security.
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    My point of view of my original post is we shouldn't be enslaving ourselves because of money.

    Well... not exactly :), it's actually about 4 billion people speaking different languages to 2 billion. So this means we'd have to "engineer" a new type of language. Completely new so everyone get's their *** kicked. Maybe some fair share of one type of language here and there...

    No, there can't ever be such thing as outsourcing, since moving away from Canada to work at a hospital over at Nepal wouldn't be a problem. No communication barrier, and we'll assume the one world team of government will set equal standard for the education system everywhere.

    This is true, but it doesn't matter how you look at it. Money is just a way to put value on resources. But I just think it's ridiculous we limit ourselves on man-made paper, i.e. people starving because they can't make money. i.e. in the energy sense, "It's too expensive to put solar panels everywhere", this is an ignorant statement in my case since I do not know if the world has enough resources to support this. But what really is stopping us from using "expensive" alternatives?

    I think I should of gave more detail in my original post. We are enslaving ourselves because of money. We should use money to regulate laziness, but never "solar panels are too expensive".

    Hmm, I think you missed my point (or am I missing yours?). I never said people should never have to work in the first place. People should continue to work for money because we look at it as a way to trade "labor-time". People work to produce our livestock, and thus we need to work to return the share. The trading medium here is money. You do your part of the society working at a hospital, the farmers will do their part producing food.
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    I heard the military is always a good option. They even give you a room and food!
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