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What are the probabilities of multiverses?

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    I heard about quantum physics describing it but can anyone make it clear to me??
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    Warning: Though an often used science fiction cliche Quantum Physics does NOT assert that there are infinite parallel universes. That is a reference to something called the Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation which is rather an ontological model (one of several). Note that by a parallel argument, we can model the predictions of Special Relativity by asserting that the observed phenomena are due to clocks slowing and distances shortening due to motion through an invisible aether. This does NOT mean SR asserts that such an aether exists and in fact a key aspect of SR is that it dispenses with this aether model.
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    Approximately 98%(*) of everything you read about quantum physics in pop-sci presentations is wrong

    * this number may be too low.
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    This question is much too broad for a PF discussion. If you can find a specific reference (textbook or peer-reviewed paper) that talks about multiverses, and you have questions about what it says, you can start a new thread with a specific question of that sort.

    In the meantime, this thread is closed.
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