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What are the requirements for Rocket Science?

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    Hey.. I am not too sure where this thread would go. Please remove it if needed.

    What are the requirements needed to major in Rocket Science? What Universities offer that major? What are the foundations that are tough to the students meaning what they learn? Is it more of a challenge then pure Math or Physics or any of the Engineering that are out that? Anyway thanks for everyone that replies.
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    Such a thread/question belongs in Academic & Career Guidance.

    Basically one is asking about Aerospace Engineering of which 'rocket science' is but one specialty. Many institutions offer aerospace engineering, and one should check out AIAA - www.aiaa.org - if one is interested.
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    OK. I was just looking into. I didn't know it was Aerospace Engineering. I have checked out that link and even without clicking on it. I knew it wasn't a University. Universities, colleges etc .edu. Would psu.edu be a good college? I am just curious.
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    Rocket science also falls under mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering.
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    Thank you so much Laura. I did not know that.
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    Yep. "Rocket science" is basically a popular cliche, not an actual subject you'll find in a school's handbook. The design and construction of actual rockets are done by enormous numbers of people with a wide variety of different specialized skills.

    - Warren
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    I can't answer this for sure, but I think you'd find aerospace engineering very different than your mental perception of rocket science. It's more about the individual components that would come together to build a rocket: control systems, flight dynamics, propulsion, solid mechanics
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    One part rocket, one part science.
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    You need a set of diverse people to be working on such important topics in rocket science/engineering. It is too much for one person to know it all... you need tons of engineers and scientists.
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    why don' you tell us your perception of "Rocket Science" then we can tell you what best to study or rather which fields are mostly involved and some schools with those dept's.
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    I was talking to a friend some while back, and his perception of rocket science was ballistics of missles. So indeed, perhaps you should tell us your perception of what rocket science is.
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