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What area of engineering for masters?

  1. Jun 25, 2013 #1


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    hey all

    ill make this quick. i am planning on going to graduate school for aerospace engineering but am faced with a dilemma: do a specialize in fluids, controls, or fluids?

    i ask you this question because i honestly enjoy all of these areas about the same, so it seems logical to go into the one who's demand in the "real world" is highest.

    anyone have any comments here?


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    You mentioned fluids twice, so subconsciously you want to study fluids.

    I have no idea about the aerospace marketplace but controls is certainly a field with a lot of demand.
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    sorry the last was suppose to be materials...although perhaps you have a point with the fluids. hahaha wow thats pretty funny.

    thanks for the reply!
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    I would agree with the previous post saying that controls has a significant demand right now. A masters in control engineering can usually be applied to a large number of industries. I recent colleague of mine just graduated with a master's in control engineering specializing in vibration monitoring/ control, and he recieved a job offer right away from aerospace company. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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