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Engineering Is it more prudent to get a a second Bachelors or a Masters?

  1. Dec 29, 2017 #1
    Hi Y'all,

    Hope all is well for the holidays.

    I am a senior and headed toward a BS in Biochemistry. But I have been doing research with a guy who does environmental remediation for 2 years. I think that that is where my heart lies. I want to develop more specialization especially because my school does not offer any environmental chemistry or engineering.

    I would want to get the Masters in Environmental engineering but I heard in some states you cannot be licensed if you do not have a Bachelors in Engineering. Is that a real hinderance?

    I looked at some local Bachelors of Environmental Engineering in my area and I think that I could finish in 2.5 or 3 years tops, which might be how long I would need for the Master's anyway since I don't have all the pre-reqs. Is this worthwhile?

    Thank You.
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  3. Dec 30, 2017 #2
    You might want to check with your Professional Engineering Organization's requirements to become licensed.

    Depending on the school your applying for, the MASc. program may only require you obtain a BASc. degree (not necessarily in Environmental engineering). It is best to check program acceptance requirement for your school.
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