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What can I do with these GRE scores?

  1. Jun 26, 2008 #1
    I just took the General GRE and got 600V and 770Q. The writing was not graded yet. What kind of programs can I get into with these numbers assuming I have a good GPA?

    I am a chemistry major with some extra physics and math classes and I want to apply to graduate school in engineering. Not sure what kind, maybe chemical or mechanical.

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    I got similar general GRE scores (I think my math score was 780 or so). In physics they don't care all that much about your general scores. It's your physics score that matters. I imagine engineering would be the same.
  4. Jun 27, 2008 #3
    Well there is no subject GRE for engineering so would they really care about the Quantitative score?
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    Mostly I know the physics end of things, but I assume that engineering would care more about quantitative than verbal - being a field dedicated largely to applications of quantitative science.
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    Then my question is what kind of grad schools are those scores good for? Can I only hope to get into my state school since I didn't get an 800Q?
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