What causes attraction of electrons to nucleus?

  1. What causes the attraction between electrons and protons in the nucleus? I've always assumed the attraction and worked from there, but I was curious if anybody knows what the root cause of this attraction is.
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    You mean beyond charge? Protons are positively charged, electrons negatively charged?

    Is your question more aptly: what causes the charges in subatomic particles?
  4. The protons have positive charge, which attract the negatively charged electrons. Essentially, it's an electrical force.

  5. Yes, that's my question. What causes the charges?
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    No one knows.
    We just observed the attraction and thought up the concept of charge and electrical force to model it.
    It turned out to be a good model.
  7. Disappointing, maybe, but thanks. I guess that's why chemistry isn't mathematics.
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    Actually this is more physics than chemistry.
  9. Right, physics. I tend to associate atomic theory with chemistry since I learned it in chemistry class, whereas in physics I learned basic mechanics. But thanks for pointing that out.
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