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Homework Help: What causes constand acceleration?

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    So im writing a physics lab. Here's part of the rubric. "Fully explains physics concept constant acceleration including a definition, an example from your video (stop motion video we had to make), the cause, and a FBD"

    My question is what is the cause of constant acceleration? Our example in the video is a risk piece moving across the board moving a couple cm across every picture. Would the cause be displacement and velocity or something?

    Oh yeah, title is suppose to be constant*.
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    If the risk piece was moving the same displacement each picture frame, then it would not be experiencing accelerated motion. It would be moving with constant velocity. Anyway, as far as the cause of acceleration, look up Newton's Laws of motion and read them.
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    Hey, i figured it out, and yeah your right i did the wrong thing at first! Physics is so hard, my teacher isnt very good either :(
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