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What causes the warping of spacetime?

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    I understand that large objects that have an extreme amount of mass results in the warping of space-time, however my question is more fundamental than that.

    I'm wondering why the presence of mass causes the warped space-time. Is there an intrinsic property within mass that causes this warping or can it be explained by the math?

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    It turns out that mass, stress, pressure and energy all cause spacetime to warp, that is curve. It also turns out that certain types of curvature, Wyle and Ricci curvatures, offer mathematical expressions that accurately predict outcomes. Einstein had physical insights into the types of spacetime curvature he expected and with the help of others with some of the math was able to formulate mathematics that very accurately modeled such phenomena.

    The sciences doesn't usually explain 'why' things happen. Seems like most of that is hidden from our view. It's a wonder that man can produce math that explains as much as it does.
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    All mass has energy, so the stress energy tensor is non zero. That is the source of gravity in GR.
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    Are you using "mass" and "matter" synonymously? Mass is a property of matter. Humans invent properties, but we didn't invent matter.
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