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What classes do you take in college to become a mathematician?

  1. Jul 9, 2014 #1
    I am just curious about what classes need to be taken to become a mathematician. Thanks!
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    There are 2 branches applied or pure.

    Typically the calculus serious, real analysis, differential geomeotry/topology, linear algebra, diff. Equations. Then you have to figure out what branch of mathematics you want to atudy.

    Going to a university webpage and looking under degree programs shoild give you a list of classes.
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    Applied math programs rarely make you so Diff geo, topology. From what I have seen

    Analysis ( advanced calculus )
    Abstract algebra
    Proof based Linear Algebra
    Electives in Diff Geo, topology, ect.

    Differential equations + Partial
    Linear Algebra
    Numerical analysis ( computer math programming)
    Elective math course.

    These are the norms at most university's. I am not sure what math class you have taken thus far, but upper division pure math will be far from anything you have done before. I am only in calculus 1 but have self studied a lot of pure math with a professor and it is SO much different and much more interesting to me since I hate application problems.
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